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DIAMAN Capital launches Analyser4Crypto
A new platform for investments in crypto assets.

The last decade has seen a rapid affirmation of Bitcoin and crypto assets as high-yield investment tools.

The possibility of buying these assets only on online exchanges has led many inexperienced users to try their hand at trading, often with detrimental results, due to the high volatility that requires a lot of experience to be managed successfully.

The rapid affirmation of these crypto assets is consecrating them as a new and emerging asset class on which it is intelligent and appropriate to invest.

This is why Diaman Capital, after launching the Phi Token in 2018, with the aim of bringing traditional investors closer to crypto, has defined a plan to develop Analyser4Crypto, a digital platform to treat crypto as an investment and not a speculation.

In a first phase, with this platform you will be able to consult prices, compare the main statistical indicators and keep your wallets or portfolios monitored.


But the plans of Diaman Capital and PHI Token are ambitious, the development of the platform foresees the progressive connection with the users' accounts in the exchanges, to centralize in a single platform the control and the execution of buy and sell orders.


In a next step, planned for the first months of 2022, the platform will allow users to associate their accounts on the exchanges with BOTs (automatic buying and selling software) with specific investment strategies, to allow users to benefit from professional investment tools with different risk/return profiles, all exploiting blockchain technology.

The PHI token will be the reference currency to purchase services, access the platform and also prevail a Smart contract for the use of investment BOTs.

Diaman has always been in the business of providing innovative investment solutions - says Daniele Bernardi, CEO of Diaman – thanks to technology, investors will be able to become masters of their investments and access algorithms to be associated with a click to their accounts without having to go through expensive intermediaries.

Cryptos by now it is clear that they will represent the future in many sectors, including and especially Finance, - continues Bernardi - so a digital platform that centralizes all investor positions, centralized or decentralized, we believe will be increasingly required by the community and PHI Token will have its chance to become a leading token utility in the international arena.

The Analyser4Crypto platform will be introduced to the PHI Token community with a webinar on Wednesday, October 13, 2021.


Diaman Capital is a Maltese-registered company that launched the PHI Token in March 2018 with the aim of progressively bringing the world of finance closer to the new world of crypto assets.

Its subsidiary Diaman Partners, a licensed management company, manages an alternative fund named Digital Asset Fund to allow investors to access crypto through a regulated and harmonized instrument. for further information.

More info: contact Francesco Zambon or Daniele Bernardi 


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