PHI Token information

Total Supply:                13,636,660.26    

Circulation Supply:       5,828,254.00

Smart Contract: 0x13c2fab6354d3790d8ece4f0f1a3280b4a25ad96



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Info Providers:

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PHI as an Utility Token

PHI Token has three main preparatory features to increase the PHI Tokens value over time:

1) PHI Tokens as Stake: Anyone aiming to use platform components, such as asset managers and financial planners, must own and immobilize the PHI Tokens;

2) PHI Tokens as Payment: The hybrid investment platform and the developed financial software can accept payments in PHI Tokens offering a 30% cashback, thus encouraging people to pay through these Tokens instead of fiat currency. 

3) PHI Tokens Buy Back and Burn rewards: 15% of the performance fees generated by the platform and 50% of the annual tax refund obtained from the payment of taxes in Malta will be used to purchase PHI Tokens on exchanges and will be burned, to create a scarcity effect that will produce a continuous growth over time.


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