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Updated: May 10, 2018


03.05.2018_#Diaman #Capital has completed the acquisition of Crypto2Finance, the company based in Malta will be the originator of crypto securitization of the #PHIPlatform. Thanks to this operation, the platform clients will be able to buy products based on alternative #investment #strategies on #cryptocurrencies.

Another result for Diaman Capital and Phi Token, the ICO concluded last March 21st with almost 5 Million Tokens sold; Phi Token aims to become the first worldwide marketplace for the distribution of financial services and products both for traditional and for crypto assets.

Last April PHI Token was listed on Livecoin and the project has now reached the 30.000 token holders who are contributing to the success of the project. The pairs are PHI/BTC, PHI/ETH and PHI/USD and these three pairs can create also arbitrage opportunities for traders.

The company Diaman Capital has arranged a very big Airdrop of more than 1,3 million PHI Tokens, which will be distributed only to PHI Token holdersthat will not move tokens from their wallet for at least 6 months. PHI tokens sold during the previous ICO phases were 4,9 Millions, so the Airdrop represents now more than 20% of the total tokens sold.

Daniele Bernardi, CEO of Diaman : I’m really proud to have completed another step of the project that will allow the company to create financial products for alternative strategies on cryptocurrencies. This is a great result also for PHI Token, we hope that the majority of purchasers will take the enormous opportunity to purchase the PHI Token at a discounted price.

Right now PHI Token can be used to purchase exAnte software for asset allocation ( with a 30% discount on full list price. Phi innovative investment hybrid platform will allow investments in all asset classes, including cryptocurrencies related products, providing users professional value/risk indicators for the self-evaluation of financial products.

Even if fully digital, Phi Platform will be supported by human professional wealth managers who will help investors to avoid typical behavioural and emotional mistakes.

The hybrid digital and human platform Phi will reduce the costs for the final investors thanks to its fully digital engine, avoiding finance distribution and compliance costs.

More about the project:;;;

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