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EXANTE Crypto Version 1.02

Dear PHI Token members,

We are excited to announce Version 1.02 of EXANTE Crypto software here:

In this latest release, we've implemented the ability to synchronize with your ERC20 Wallets with our the Watchlist section. This enables you to update your cryptos to our database of over 1800 tokens every 10 minutes.

The RED and GREEN arrows on the right of the screen are indicator to follow for a profitable Timing Trading Strategy.

Users can synchronize one or more wallets by simply inserting their wallet address in the dashboard page. The software automatically calculates and updates the real-time amount of asset (in USD) inside your wallet.

We're also updated our statistic charts, implementing features to help users better understand the volatility and returns of the portfolio.

EXANTE Crypto software has a proprietary database of more than 1800 Crypto Assets updated every 10 minute, so any users taking in control the Crypto Price of their wallets can easily use the platform also by the browser of the mobile phone.

In the Graphical Selection and Filter Selection tools in this moment they are the best 100 Crypto Assets based on Capitalization.

The platform will be free until the 21st of September, after these data the user has to deposit a certain quantity of PHI Token in the wallet and to synchronize it for the free access to the platform.

For more information about our software for Crypto Asset Allocation, please visit and download the user manual.


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