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May 2018 Monthly Report

Updated: May 10, 2018


1) Phi Token Listing on Exchanges 2) Social Media activities 3) EXANTE Crypto version: work in progress 4) PHI Platform: work in progress 5) Securitization 6) Team members Hiring

1) Listings on Exchanges

PHI Token on - PHI Token was listed on the first Exchange on April 24th 2018. - We listed PHI token with three trading pairs: PHI/ETH, PHI/BTC and PHI/USD - Coin Market Cap: PHI has been listed also in, even if there are some small errors that will be soon modified such as the website link and circulation supply. - We are engaging with other exchanges, and we aim to reach the third exchange by the end of May 2018.

PHI Token distribution Circulating supply: 4,9M - Token Sale Price: 0.000125ETH - Around $2M market cap Total supply: 14,1M

2) Social media activities: PHI Token is active on the following social media networks: - Telegram: (EN Group) or (ITA Group) - Facebook: - Twitter: - Linkedin: - Medium: - Reddit:

3) EXANTE Crypto: work in progress - We are programming the first Asset Allocator for crypto investments, the platform will be offered to PHI Token holders proving to stake almost 100 PHI Tokens in their wallet. - The function for the verification of the PHI Token holding in wallets has just been released and is in the testing phase. - The platform will start with the first top 100 Crypto Assets and the PHI Token, and will be able to increase the number of Tokens under request. - Due to the fact that the platform is available in free version, revenues will come from companies that will list their token in the platform. - The software can be used also as an asset position keeper and will be updated directly from your wallets if you will provide the address.

The launch of EXANTE Crypto will be concluded before the end of the Q2 as defined in the roadmap.

4) PHI Platform work in progress - We have just designed the e-commerce section of the platform, creating the first four sections for fintech products and services distribution. - Our aim is to allow the community to benefit from the platform, so any PHI Token holder, with more than 1000 PHI Tokens, will have the opportunity to become a Sector Specialist and benefit from the business generated by companies added to the platform. In this sense the marketplace can be defined an open distribution platform. The Platform release in beta version will be done before the end of Q2

5) Securitization - We finalized the acquisition of Crypto2Finance LTD, a trading company based in Malta, that will be the originator for the creation of securitization in crypto assets. - Securitization is one way to create financial instruments based on crypto assets under the Maltese and European regulation; these financial instruments can be purchased by professional investors and will be listed in the Irish Stock Exchange. - The product prospectus is ready and we are finalizing details with a few potential managers to create the first product.

6) Hiring

We are hiring some key persons for the project, we need a Marketing Manager, a Customer Relationship Manager, a Back End DEV, the Head of Sales for Swiss Market and a Junior Sales.

If you are willing to work in an exciting project with a high potential, please send your CV to

Regards, The PHI Token Team

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