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November PHI Token Monthly Updated

Updated: Dec 9, 2018

Dear PHI Token Community,

Another month is move out, and we have worked hard so let us share with you where we are right now:

1. OpenPHIntech

2. Phi Token Listing on Exchanges

3. Malta Blockchain summit

4. Social Media activities

5. EXANTE Verification tool

6. Tell a Friend

7. Team members Hiring


We have presented our brand new marketplace for the Fintech community to the Malta Blockchain Summit.

In this marketplace, you can find financial services, advisory services, lawyer services, R&D services, ICO and Crypto services and you could buy them using Fiat currency or, getting an average discount of 30% paying them in PHI Token.

This platform will increase the circulation and the demand of PHI Token.

We aspect that the community will support this marketplace, listing their services and purchasing the ones already available.

2. Listings on Exchanges

Last month we listed the Phi Token in P2PB2B, one of the 50 best exchanges based on CMC classification.

The good news is the Burn of 487.000 PHI token has reduced the Total Supply to 13.636.660 PHI Token so now we have:

PHI Token distribution Circulating supply: 5,5M

Token Price: 0.000690 ETH

Around $0.7 market cap

3. Malta Blockchain Summit

On November 1st and 2nd, the PHI Token Team was present at #MBS2018, probably the best event in Malta with more than 6.000 attendees.

It was exciting to be a Gold Sponsor and get to know many people interested In the Crypto phenomena and in our services too.

We collected more than 250 contacts, and we are entirely focused on following them up.

4. Social media activities

PHI Token is active on the following social media networks:

Telegram EN:

Telegram ITA:






Please, feel free to contact us

5. EXANTE Verification tool

We have implemented the Wallet verification in EXANTE Crypto. For the next three months, only the Overview page is obscured, in fact, we want to increase the number of users and start to sell our services to others Tokens or Coins.

We also implemented the “News section” to keep You updated about Crypto and Financial news around the world.

We invite you to register in our platform and enjoy our news section updated in real-time from the best media online.

6. Tell a Friend

We are happy to announce that our “Tell a Friend” has been closed on 24th of October due to the high number of registered. (5.000 people in less than one month).

Scammers creating fake users or fake email address have been identified and banned.

All participants who have reached at least 250 credits before the closing time and have sent us the address of their wallet have already received their Phi Tokens.

7. Hiring

We are looking for a full-time Marketing specialist based in Malta, so if interested, please send the CV to

Your Sincerely,

PHI Token Team

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