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October PHI Token Monthly Updated

Dear PHI Token Community,

we are growing and we are very excited so, let us share with youwith the following points, where we are right now:

1. Phi Token Listing on Exchanges

2. Airdrop

3. Social Media activities

4. EXANTE Crypto Version 1.05

5. Tell a Friend

6. OpenPHIntech

7. New Services for Crypto Investors

8. Team members Hiring

1. Listings on Exchanges

Last month we listed the Phi Token in EXRATES, one of the 30 best exchanges based on the classification of CMC.

The PHI Token price has increased more than 100% in comparison with the ETH of the last month, mainly for this reason and because right now we have a low supply and circulation.

Here are our updated statistics:

PHI Token distribution Circulating supply: 5,5M

Token Price: 0.000900 ETH

Around $1,3M market cap Total supply: 14,1M

2. Airdrop.

On October 5th we distributed 1.3 million of PHI Token (After six months, as promised in our Whitepaper).

The number of wallets awarded by our PHI Token were 529 and anyone has been increased by 12,5% .

We want to thanks each PHI Token Holder that believes in the project and support our work.

3. Social media activities

PHI Token is active on the following social media networks:

Telegram EN:

Telegram ITA:






Please, feel free to contact us

4. EXANTE Crypto Version 1.05

Next week, we will implement the Wallet verification to access to EXANTE Crypto. For the next three month we will block only the Overview page, due we want to increase the number of the users and start to sell our services to others Tokens or Coins.

Before the end of the month we will implement also the “News section” in order to keep You updated about Crypto and Financial news around the world.

5. Tell a Friend

As part of our marketing drive, we have launched the “Tell-a-Friend” campaign. Here how it works


We are finalizing a brand new marketplace for the Fintech community.

In this marketplace, you will find financial services, advisory services, lawyer services, R&D services, ICO and Crypto services and you could buy them using Fiat currency or, getting an average discount of 30% paying them in PHI Token.

This platform will increase the circulation and the demand of PHI Token.

We aspect that the community will support this marketplace, listing their services and purchasing the ones already available.

7. Hiring

Good news! The Team is almost complete for now. Alberto Bosio, head of business development, together with Vincenzo Cammisotto, business developer for EXANTE Crypto platform and Matteo Remonato, business developer for OpenPHIntech marketplace, are working hard in our new office located in Malta.

We are looking now for a full time Marketing specialist based in Malta, so if there is someone interested, please send the CV to

Your Sincerely,

PHI Token Team

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