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PHI Token listed on the first exchange

Updated: May 10, 2018

Dear PHI Token holders, the long awaited moment has come: to quote the PHI Token on the first exchange.

From 24 April it will be possible to buy (hopefully) or sell (if necessary) the PHI Token on Livecoin.

Livecoin, net is a so-called tier two exchange, as it trades more than USD 35 million in value per day which is relatively small compared to major exchanges such as Binance or Bitfinex, but still stands out from the majority of the exchanges that are moving only few million to day.


The PHI Token will be traded against BTC, ETH and USD, allowing the more experienced to be able to make arbitrage, pending the second and third Exchange that I hope we could announce shortly.


I’d love to remind you that after six months there will be a huge Airdrop of more than 20% , so for you should be better to keep the PHI Token immobilized for this period.


To increase the chances of entering the tier one exchanges, we must show that our community will open many accounts on the exchange where the PHI Token will be listed, so we have created a referral code: Livecoin-KPPfJscu that I ask you to insert at the registration on this exchange (if you do not already have an open account).

With this code we will be able to monitor how many new members we are able to bring to an exchange and this will help us to enter the first level exchanges.


This aspect is so important that we decided to give 1000 PHI Tokens to a lucky one that we will extract on May 24th 2018 among those who registered using the referral code: Livecoin-KPPfJscu and will have executed at least one purchase order of PHI Token.


Needless to reiterate that for the maximum success it is essential to work as a united team, supporting the price, supporting exchanges and above all increasing more and more the base of interested people, already fairly wide (we are 30,000 PHI Token holders to date). COOPERATION

So I expect that many person who have fewer PHI Tokens will increase the position, so they will increase the price and increase their profits, but above all I expect collaboration in sharing posts, PR (Press Release) of Twitter and posts on Medium and on our blogs in order to increase the user base.


In the coming weeks we will do several technical posts and not to explain who is DIAMAN, the company behind PHI Token, which has invested a great amount of time in research and development and in quantitative methodologies for over sixteen years, and will now move all this knowledge into the world of crypto assets, with important benefits both for the PHI Token holders and for the future customers of the platform we are creating.


We have understood that to succeed (the real one) it is first necessary to bring to success the people around us, so our main mission in the years to come will be to bring you, as PHI Token Holder to success, to get thanks to us (and to you who support us) the goals you have set, and we strongly believe will only be possible thanks to the PHI Token and the investment services platform we are creating.



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