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PHI Token Monthly Update - August 2018

Dear PHI Token Community,

Welcome to another exciting monthly update of what we’ve been up to, what we will be up to and how. We’re delighted to present to you our achievement so far and we will be examining them under the following topics highlighted below:


  1. Phi Token Listing on Exchanges

  2. Social Media activities

  3. EXANTE Crypto Version 1.01

  4. Tell a Friend

  5. Securitization

  6. New Services for Crypto Investors

  7. Team members Hiring

1. Listings on Exchanges

We are currently finalizing listing procedures on a bigger Exchanges than Livecoin. We hope to be live before the end of the current month.   Due the very low volume and also a bear Crypto Market the PHI Token lost almost 20% of its value in July compared to previous month. Here are our current statistics:

PHI Token distribution   Circulating supply: 4,9M   Token Price: 0.00044999ETH  Around $1,4M market cap   Total supply: 14,1M

2. Social media activities  PHI Token is active on the following social media networks:  Telegram: (EN Group), (ITA Group)  Facebook:  Twitter:  Linkedin:  Medium:  Reddit:  Feel free to contact us via any of the above-listed

3. EXANTE Crypto Version 1.01

An Image of the Asset Allocation Chart respect the Bitcoin Price

After a month and half of operation, EXANTE Crypto will be update at the end of this week to add a “WatchList” section. Through this new functionality, the user can synchronize the value of the assets in their ERC20 compatible wallet by simply inserting their wallet address to have all their tokens listed and updated every 10 minute. Our statistical indicator will provide them with quick signals to purchase or sell the tokens.

4. Tell a Friend

As part of our upcoming marketing drive, we will be launching a “Tell-a-Friend” program at the end of this month to improve the number of users of the platform with a remuneration in PHI Token. Here under are the details of the promotion program:

  • To publicize the EXANTE Crypto platform, we decided to use a method already successfully tested for the EXANTE Funds platform which rewards those referring people interested in using an Asset Allocation platform for Crypto Assets.

  • For each suggested email address, three credits will be assigned; the maximum number of emails that can be reported is 55, so you can quickly accumulate 165 1: 1 convertible credits with the PHI Tokens.

  • We will send an email invitation on your behalf to the email addresses submitted, explaining the advantages of EXANTE Crypto for the selection and active management of Crypto Assets.

  • For each friend you register, you will get another 8 credits, so in the second phase, you will get a maximum of another 440 credits, always convertible 1: 1 with the PHI Tokens.  For each person who decides to use EXANTE Crypto after September 21, synchronising their Wallet and proving to possess the PHI Tokens deposited in it, you will acquire another 34 Credits. This means that if all 55 people are using the platform after September 21 you could get another 1870 Credits.

  • This incentivized model has been designed to ensure that those directing investors to the platform genuinely seek to communicate interested people and not fake or random entities.

Previous experience with EXANTE Fund has provided with impressive statistics:

  • 20% of those enrolled in EXANTE use Tell a Friend inviting their friends

  • 26% register to understand how the software works

  • 14% buy the software at the end of the process.

This means that this mode is able to create a virtuous spiral that leads to viral distribution.  For this reason, we decided to set a budget of 75,025 PHI Tokens to be allocated to the first phase of the campaign. After which, we will analyze the conversion rates and based on the results, we will set a second distribution phase, where we could change the number of tokens offered and also the conversion rate.

To redeem Credits, you will need to send an email to and ask for the redemption of credits and moving into your PHI Token wallet.  To avoid being invaded by conversion requests for small amounts, it will only be possible to convert Credits to PHI Tokens after reaching a minimum of 250 Credits.  The start of the “Tell a Friend” period will be communicated via e-mail to all the subscribers of the platform.

5. Securitization

We are in negotiation with some entities to create the first Crypto related products, the prospectus of the company is ready and we are working to finalize the agreement to start in the Q3 or Q4 with this financial product.

6. New Services for Crypto Investors  We have defined two new services for Crypto Investors. The first is a Tax optimization service according to the Maltese Law to reduce and also regularized the personal taxation in the EU country, while the second one (available from September) allows Crypto Investors with banking problems to safely exchange Crypto Assets into Fiat a transparent and hassle-free environment.

7. Hiring

Good news! We’ve expanded our team with the signing of a Head of Sales and Portfolio Manager. We are currently finalizing agreement with a Sales guy for Exante Crypto and open platform, and a new Marketing Manager.

We still have openings for a Sales in the Swiss and UK market, and a Junior Sales rep. Interested candidates should please send their CV to


PHI Token Team

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