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PHI Token Monthly update July 2018

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

Dear PHI Token Community, Thanks for your continuous support in the development of our groundbreaking investment platform.

Building off of our achievements last month, we are presenting you our latest progress.


· Phi Token Listing on Exchanges

· Social Media activities

· EXANTE Crypto is now available for free

· PHI Platform: work in progress

· Securitization

· New Services for Crypto Investors

· Team members Hiring

1) Exchange Listings

On the side of exchanges contacted for additional Phi Token listings, there aren’t actually any news.

We made the application for more than 50 exchanges and we refused some proposals because we are working on tier 1 or tier 2 exchanges listing, that could significantly improve the volume of PHI Token. Despite the shallow volume and also a bear Crypto Market, the PHI Token has increased his value of 30%, if compared to the previous month. Hereunder the essential data:

· PHI Token distribution

· Circulating supply: 4,9M

· Token Price: 0.00054971ETH

· Around $1,6M market cap

· Total supply: 14,1M

2) Social media activities

PHI Token is active on the following social media networks:

· Telegram: (EN Group), (ITA Group)

· Facebook:

· Twitter:

· Linkedin:

· Medium:

· Reddit:

3) EXANTE Crypto:

As promised in the previous monthly update, our Professional Crypto Asset Allocation Software was launched on 21st of June, and now our followers can use this tool for crypto selection and Market Timing for free. The Board of Directors decided to leave the free access to the software until September 21st, to growth the PHI community and collect the information of many crypto investors to improve the future application on that we are working. Within this month we are launching a tell a friend game to improve the number of users of the platform with remuneration in PHI Token. More details will be communicated through the social network.

Please try for free our platform:

4) PHI Platform work in progress

The PHI Marketplace is almost complete, we are testing functionalities and we are completing payment integration; we decided to postpone the launch of the PHI Platform, which has been delayed to the first day of September, to concentrate on marketing activities for the launch of EXANTE Crypto.

5) Securitization

We are negotiating with some entities to create the first Crypto related products, the prospectus of the company is ready and we are working to finalize the agreement to start Q3 or Q4 with this financial product.

6) New Services for Crypto Investors We have defined two new services for Crypto Investors, the first is a Tax optimisation according to the Maltese Law reducing but also regulating personal taxation in the EU country. The second service allows those Crypto Investors willing to exchange Crypto Assets into Fiat and which are facing problems with their Bank, to do this safely, in a transparent and hassle-free environment. This second service will be available from September.

7) Hiring

We are actually signing the agreement with a Marketing Manager, the Head of Sales and one Portfolio Manager. We are looking for a Sales in the Swiss Market and UK market and a Junior Sales. Interested candidates should please apply with CV to

Sincerely, PHI Token Team

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